Know our sponsorship options to increase your promotion during the event

Random image on the event homepage with link to the sponsor’s website (image provided by sponsor).

Place your company logo on digital totems
spread throughout the exhibit hall.

Post on the fair Instagram Feed and Stories. Check out the conditions.

An exclusive e-mail marketing sent to the visitor’s mailing list (images provided by sponsor)

Logo applied to the exact booth location (for areas bigger than 40 SQM).

Carpet sticker placed in highly visible
areas of the exhibit floor.

Take your brand to new heights by displaying your logo and brand on high ceiling aisle signage banners.

Logo applied to the exact booth location
(for areas bigger than 40 sqm).

Sampling and/or logo on the parking lot boom gate.

The opportunity to distribute samples, promotional gifts, brochures, etc in strategic places.

This area provides a unique, high profile opportunity to present your brand while visitors can relax and network.

Space for inflatable with company’s
name and logo in assigned area.

Logo applied to the bus visual communication and boarding and disembarking totem.
This bus runs continually between the subway station and exhibition hall, during the show period.

Your logo printed on lanyards
distributed to all attendees.

Space for lectures where your brand is
showcased before engaged attendees who
come to hear the keynote speakers.



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